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Architectural Visualization
Just so you know, we take responsibility in visualizing your ideas.
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Architectural Visualization
Just so you know, we take responsibility in visualizing your ideas.
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Architectural Visualization
Just so you know, we take responsibility in visualizing your ideas.
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Architectural Visualization
Just so you know, we take responsibility in visualizing your ideas.
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Architectural Visualization
Just so you know, we take responsibility in visualizing your ideas.
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Architectural Visualization
Just so you know, we take responsibility in visualizing your ideas.
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3D rendering and virtual tour animation for new construction
marketing and design presentation.

About us


INFIN is a group of young 3D artists devoted to the world of Architecture and Design. We are the curious dreamers who are full of whims and fancies in pursuit of creativity.

Aiming to forge a long-lasting relationship with our clients, we promote open exchange of ideas upon mutual trust, which helps to foster a solid base for future cooperation. As part of this industry, we have worked closely with Architects, Property Developers, Interior Designers and various other agencies worldwide to visualize their ideas. Thanks to our well-tuned workflow, we have kept everything crystal clear in the progress with our clients, making sure ideas flow without barriers toward the final marvel. For there are boundless limits, we hold dear every opportunity to outstand, outsmart and outlive. We firmly believe that nothing is impossible.

INFIN combines artistic and creative solutions to breathe life into your design.

About logo

Logo interpretation

INFIN as an improvised abbreviated form of infinity, symbolizes the infinite possibility characterized by the immense universe and sustainable development.

Here, INFIN stands for our belief that nothing is impossible. The logo is contrived to empathize with both mathematical feature and metaphorical effect. We leverage the similar shape of the infinity in math, showcasing a direct grasp of our company. An almost symmetrical design — double “in”, is also used to simplify the context, meaning there is no limit from the start to the very end. In between them, an “F” detonates an out-of-the-box wonder in a set of words starting with F, like fun, future, fantastic… which are what we want to create for our clients. As part of the 3D designing industry, we truly hope that all clients we work with can witness our fastidiousness, relish the prospering future, and catch infinite fun in the working process.

Our Vision

At INFIN studio, based in China, we are dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers. Loyalty, trust and great care for our customers are core values for our company. Made by INFIN. Made in China.

Our Mission

INFIN is committed to communicate your vision and help tell your story. Our uniqueness lies in the professionalism, excellent 3D technology, punctuality and competitive prices.

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About us

our Value

For us these are not just temporary buzzwords, but cornerstones we stick to.


To assume due responsibility, to devote and persevere, and have both feet on the ground.


Keep pursuing better quality, and be self-driven, so that we can witness the progress made in both personal growth and the development of company.


To adapt to the changing world, stay composed and resolve problems with inventive and grounded mindset.


To constantly increase our professional expertise and competence.


With set company goals clear in mind, we sustain a highly efficient team under strong leadership built upon mutual trust and communication.


To treat both work and life as an exuberant optimist.

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our members

meet the team

Aimee Yan


Embrace the uncertainty by long-termism.

Fifteen years in the field has blessed me with unique insights as to how to maximize the values created for the clients. Inside INFIN, faith, inspiration, diversity, creativity, curiosity, confidence and a sense of responsibility mix together to spark up intangible chemical reaction. That’s infinity, it’s INFIN. As a citizen, I love my own country, China, and everything about her long history and traditional cultures. As a human, I love my compatriots and hold respect to the nature. As a woman of the world, I am fascinated by everything unknown, and treat things as they should be.

Andy Wang


“I’m the master of my own life.”

I love colors and drawing since my childhood. But among all, black and white are my favorite and symbol, because they are fully expressive beyond the surface, opposite yet accordant. I feel like I was born for visualization. In the 3D world, my life and creativity become infinite and to guarantee every successful project is my mission. Ten years of practice were accompanied with enormous pressures and fast working pace. But the moment I settled the delivery, a sense of recognition by the clients and achievement would fill me up with joy. Interestingly, I also cultivate in such a fast-pace environment a new hobby which is fishing. Whenever I’m fishing, time seems stop for a moment when I can tease out the mess in my brain and that I could feel relief all over.

Kelvin Wen


Ever since I’ve entered this industry, I fall for everything we are doing for the art., and always have passion for it, one that has driven me ahead for more than 10 years. Time wears away a stone, but it could also unveil the essence lied beneath. So far, I’ve been sharpening my managing and other technical edges, and I think everyone will shine just like gold after times of toil, sweat and faith. Aim high, work hard, and love always.

Shirley Guo


“Carpe diem”

An elegant goat shall be the embodiment of my spirit because it is carrying a bag of wisdom. But I’m also the same as the rest, as normal as temporal. I cherish the time of sleep because that recharges me with lots of energy for efficient work and that everyone should well weigh up between life and work, sustain things you love with passion, treat people you love with goodwill and plan ahead of the future. Those will always count.

Snowy Shu


“To dream big is a noble cause”

I aspire to be one decent human who loves its country, family, lovers and ever dabbles in a number of awesome hobbies as well as relish a health life. I’m glad that most of my life I’ve been living up to that. Just keep moving with discretion, patience and duty in heart.

Nic Zhang

Old boy

“Enjoy the sensuality while we can.”

I like how things work here, and the team is one that’s worth devoting for. I’ve been in this industry for this for years, but as ordinary human as I am, surely there’s always more to life than work. And I really do think we should catch the time while we still have for fun. Work hard, and play hard, isn’t that a good call?

Frank Yang


“Progress are reached by diligence, but paralyzed by levity.”

It may sound cliché, but working is the portrait of my life. This path I’ve set foot on will never be reversed by regrets, only that limits in work should make me stumble. My ultimate desire is to leap across all those limits that’ll be dwarfed by diligence and will, and strive to achieve a perfect outcome. In other words, I will push my work beyond extreme.

Sophia Chen


“What is rational is actual, what is actual is rational.”

It’s quite engaging when you are in the process understanding clients’ ideas of design. The fact that I prefer listening to other’s thoughts has certainly facilitated that and help others feel respected, which I hold dear to myself. Look up to the blue sky and you will know that trifles are washed away at the moment. and I hope you would enjoy the tranquility whenever possible.

Allen Yang

Big brother

“There’s a thin line between an act of bravery and wonted cowardice”

I take responsibility in my job as a modeling artist, and I value the effects brought by every click of patience and carefulness. I like to relax by playing video games with friends and traveling with my families, who also define the most important part of my life. Until the very end so to speak, always stay focused, and learn from every single project.

Chloe Mei


“Toast to every forest as we read and write.”

I love reading, and I deem the power of life strong and infinite, whereas travelling allows me to experience its delicacy. Human do err, but don’t be afraid unless you are too timid to accept that and move on. For me, failure means opportunities, and they as well equip me with better armors to crash whatever thorns that block me from approaching success.

Ives Xiang


“Walk it like I talk it.”

Being in this industry has refreshed my horizon overall. When the visual effects struck me between the eyes and linger in mind, I knew it’s the one. Don’t stumble over unending worries because we got talents at doing anything we like. I’ve indulged in family happiness, music and sports and that life is fantastic. I hope they do the same to everyone and try not to leave any regrets as I challenge myself.

Tom Chen


Sense and Simplicity

Creativity and passion used to be my source of fun, but ever since I’ve joined the team, I realize that ideas spark when you are with people that inspire, forgive and share. It’s a folly to regard anything as easy as they seem. Therefore, why not just try to be a sophisticated man with sense and simplicity. Enjoy the work, relish the fun of brainstorming, and grow with people around you.

Kent Yang

Pure heart

“We don't render because it's cute. We render because we are members of the developing world and future. And the future is filled with imagination. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But rendering, the beauty and romance it assumes, these are what we stay alive for.”

Alyssa Zhou


"To meet is predestined, but initiative sustains it for long."

There’s another world when I roll a trip alone, when I catch the tender moments in life, and when I goose-flesh watching Inception. Much as I want to be a landlord than to work, I rather rejoice in nailing the final delivery and nighty-night on my bed — c’est la vie!

Teresa Hu


"Stay true to your original aspiration"

My mentor back in college has kindly righted my wrongs and guide me through the messy uncertainty. And I’m thankful for how composed I’ve become through reading. Now I’ve found my missing piece of passion, and that’s being part of this team.

Contact us

Just contact us, to know us, and find inspirations together!

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Real Estate Rendering Services, Architectural Rendering, Architectural Visualization

With is a leading Rendering Company offering Real Estate Rendering Services. Here we produce stunning virtual representations of your projects that will bring them to life right before your eyes.

We offer online 3D Rendering, the help of which you can create 3D Rendering and architecture for construction and building projects, Architectural Visualization for investors, 3D interior renderings for home renovations, and a lot more! offers the following Rendering, animation, CAD services:

  1. Building Rendering
  2. 3D Rendering
  3. Architectural Rendering
  4. 3D Visualization Studio
  5. Architectural Visualization
  6. 3D Animation
  7. Exterior Rendering
  8. 3D Interior Rendering

  9. The ultimate & high-quality 3d visualization services

    Using, you can take a photo of existing conditions from an aerial shot, an eye-level view, or a ground-level photograph. In addition to showing you how the new structure would appear in 3D, we also show you the changes in materials. This can be used for marketing materials or presentations to local community boards.

    Find the best 3D Rendering Services Company!

    Building professionals, architects, and developers use our Building Rendering services when they need their designs to be shown to regulatory planning boards.

    So, rather than having a costly physical model built, you can turn to a cost-effective service and of the highest quality that will display “before and after” images.

    The top 3D Interior Rendering of your project

    In addition to illustrating the parameters of lighting and landscaping, we also calculate the number of materials needed to make your project a reality.

    Our Resources

    We have a team of professional experts with experience in architectural design, detailed visualization, CAD, and 3D animation creation.

    Our goal

    At, we strive to offer you the highest level of service while keeping prices reasonable and services prompt. Throughout all development stages, you are kept informed of current progress. This allows us to develop exceptional, innovative, and spectacular products.