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Did you know that? Deciding to be an architect needs to judge lots of things. There is a unique way of thinking in the minds of architects, which can magically balance numbers, lines, and angles, as well as creativity that most of us have no idea about. After all, not everyone is extremely well qualified for performing this multifaceted, technical and complex role. If you want to go in for a career in architecture, the followings are the required skills to make you stick out from the crowd!

Aerial View for commercial complex

13 Essential Skills Needed to Be an Architect

1. Numerical skills

The whole architectural concept is based on mathematical rules and boundaries. Therefore, mastering numerical principles is a must, especially in geometry and higher algebra, which is also an essential prerequisite to register for any degree in architecture.

2. Creative skills

Imagination is the foundation of creation. Designing an awe-inspiring and cutting-edge building to break the boundaries of aesthetics is inseparable from the gift of imagination. Creative thinking can breathe new life into the design, which is an essential quality of being an architect. Besides, it must be admitted that only continuous innovation can give your design be impressive and highly commended.

3.Design skills

It’s not enough to create distinguished visual works, and it also requires to combine with practical and feasible, and meet the requirements of customers. That’s why it is preferable to have a good grasp of the design process. For example, when it comes to problems involving how to combine visual appeal with functionality, architects’ ability to know how to compromise between them is necessary.

4.Legal knowledge

In addition to clients’ specifications and allocated budgets, the myriad building codes, policies and regulations are what you have to abide. Although you can seek help from a professional from these fields, it’s better for architects to know something about a wide array of legal knowledge that will save time and energy to revise design.

5.Communication skills

As far as it goes, architects are expected to have good communicative skills. They need to be responsible for the communication with clients, contractors, construction managers, and team, and engineers while sharing (sometimes persuading others of) your ideas about design. Knowing how to communicate and pitch ideas to others is a means of presenting your vision in a professional but easy-to-understand way, which is not an understated step during the project negotiation.

6.Commercial awareness

No matter what industry you are in, one of the professional skills is commercial awareness. In order to get in touch with clients and ensure to do projects, it’s imperative to understand the industry you are engaged in. Furthermore, it enables you to better understand the needs of other stakeholders, making sure that all relevant working partnerships can proceed more smoothly.

7.Artistic skills and scientific mind

The blend of art and science is crucial to design magnificent architecture. In other words, architecture is the balanced combination of science and art in essence. As architect, you must take some necessary elements of mathematical science into consideration when it comes to elegance and beauty in architectural design. What architects have to understand is whether different materials and components can work well with each other. Other than that, if you have an extraordinary talent for artistic skills, you will, of course, prefer to paint, sketch, imagine and create. No matter it’s ‘old style’ drawing technology or CAD software for use, you must bear the used processes and methods in mind, including but not to limited scaling precisely.

8.Problem-solving skills

As you may have realized, it’s obvious that the implementation of large-scale building projects is not easy. In the process of implementing a design, you may come across problems. Being an architect means being a problem solver. For example, when design-related problems such as structural issues happen, coming up with solutions to quickly and effectively deal with problems is a required skill.

9.Visualizing skills

The creation starts to be ingeniously conceived in the top architect’s mind as they give client briefing. It’s the visualizing skill that all designers and artists are recommended to possess. Of course, visualization is the first and foremost step in presenting your idea from the paper to the real world.

10.Engineering skills

There are distinct differences between architects and engineers. In an effort to cooperate together, they should basically understand each other’s skills in advance. An architect must know the basic physics and engineering principles in case that the design is unable to be implemented physically and therefore cannot be submitted to the engineer.

11.Attention to detail

As the saying goes, details determine success or failure, which is incisively and vividly presented on the architectural drawings. Construction workers use elaborate and diverse architectural drawings as a guide. Even one misplaced window can lead to problems, not to mention anything else.

12.Computer literacy

Nowadays, with the growing technology, digital technology such as 3D rendering and 3D visualization, has been gradually taking the place of the draft of construction plans. Proficiency in the use of software like CAD is the basic skill architects have to equip in order to share drafts and prototypes more easily.

13.Construction knowledge

The subtle difference between architects and 3D artists is whether they have actual construction knowledge. Therefore, as for architects, the materials, tools and methods used in the construction should have been fully understood, so as to integrate this knowledge when drafting the design.

see-through renderings for apartments

As is stated above, now you know that being an architect needs a skill set rather than just imagination and talent. You need to judge whether you possess the above required skills before going in for a career to be an architect.

What else skills an architect should possess? Your comments are welcome!




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