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In the past, it was impossible to take real-time shooting of the proposed building before it’s completed. Nowadays, with the use of computer virtual digital technology, the 3D animation video is a good expression of the developers’ demands. As a significant means of architectural display, 3D architectural animations carry weight in the production process of architectural performance and film and television scenes. It can perform a full range of content such as the location of the building, complete supporting facilities, beautiful environment and dynamic life. In short, it refers to animated films used to depict architecture and architecture-related activities.


The production process of architectural walkthrough video requires more refinement, which not only can fully express the architect’s ideas, but also allows the clients to see what the proposed building looks like in real life. Architectural animation will be a fast-track trend in the field of architectural design. But what I have to say is that the production of architectural animation is very complicated including many steps. The following is an explanation for everyone:


1. Commonly used scenes of 3D architectural animation

3D architectural animation generally displays the several parts: location surrounding, overall architecture, garden landscape, typical house types, and supporting facilities in the area to express the project. Those parts will be flexibly combined according to the characteristics and selling points of the project.


2. Advantages of architectural animation


3. The difference between commercial project and residential project in walkthrough animation

For commercial projects, the rhythm of animation is fast, whether it is switched from music or shots. It reflects fast-paced modern business with bright colors and a strong sense of modernity.

For residential projects, the overall style is soothing. It tends to appropriately add a small amount of fast lens to embellish the effect, and the account of long lens is slightly more.


4. Architectural animation price

Architectural animation price is what customers most concerned before making a 3D animation. It depends on many factors, such as the type of animation, the content of the performance, the length of time, and so on.

To know more specific quotation details, we need to understand the process of walkthrough animation. Each animation production can be divided into three steps: pre-planning, mid-term shooting, and post-production. Below we will analyze the issue of “architectural animation price” from the production process.


5. The required materials for architectural animation production

The materials that customers need to provide when making 3D animations are:


6. Select an architectural animation studio

The product case best reflects the strength of an architectural animation studio. Usually, we can reflect the creativity embodied in the case from the depth of the architectural animation script to the project, and evaluate the technical strength of the team from the overall integration of scenes, special effects, lighting, and dubbing. Creativity is the core of the publicity effect of architectural animation, and good technology and high professionalism are the guarantee of the fineness of architectural animation. In addition, the completeness of corporate qualifications, project experience, and service processes also plays a pivotal role in the success of project cooperation.


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