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Nowadays, with the continuous development of 3D animation technology, people pay more and more attention to 3D walkthrough animation. Especially in the real estate industry, 3D architectural walkthrough has become a marketing trend, which allows clients to roam freely through a building in the form of 3D animation before investing. It is not only more intuitive than the traditional renderings, but also gives the clients an immersive experience through a photorealistic 3D tour of the property.

For those projects that are in progress or are ready for construction, 3D architectural walkthrough breaks the imagination by the combination of 3D modeling, music, animation and 3D visualization with the viewer and space, so as to experience a virtual tour of a building.


3D animation uses the adjustable lens to make bird’s-eye view, overlooking, shuttling, or some random tours, to enhance the momentum of the building. 3D technology uses scene changes to display the surrounding environment of the property. For example, some well-made birds, and the sun shuttling through the clouds set off the atmosphere and make up all kinds of beautiful scenery atmosphere, which make the project enjoyable.


It’s obvious that this form of video marketing which becomes an integral part of marketing campaign has impact on the development of property, as well as the strategies of property developers and real-estate agents. 3D architectural walkthroughs come in many forms, such as 3D exterior walkthrough, 3D interior walkthrough, 3D walkthrough animations of masterplans, flythrough and 3D floor plans.

Since 3D walkthrough animation is a common means in real estate marketing, what are the advantages of 3D architectural walkthroughs for property marketing?

Advantages of 3D Architectural Walkthroughs for Property Marketing

1. Enhance the visual impact

After the completion of 3D architectural animation, it can be played in the real estate sales hall, so that clients can feel the visual impact at the first sight when they enter the door. A vivid video highlights the advantages of the property, and the dynamic sound arouses the attention of viewers. From the moment clients enter the hall, a virtual video marketing has been completed.

2. Better Understanding

2D architectural plans are difficult to understand, even if they are displayed with still CGI, which is unable to keep up with requirements of clients. 3D architectural walkthroughs have an edge over 2D floor plan in allowing clients fully understanding the design and more importantly, the layout. 3D animation can integrate scattered text, sound and picture information finally into a video, which is so-called 3D walkthrough animation. What’s more, 3D walkthrough animation plays an important role in stimulating clients’ purchase desire by intuitively providing a panoramic view of real state, including the overall architectural characteristics, geographical location, surrounding facilities and traffic network and so on.

3. Online and Offline Promotion

In the Internet era, enterprises can play 3D architectural animation on their website for long-term investment, rental and evaluation activities. The vivid and intuitive animation effect, coupled with dynamic music, makes the online and offline promotion effect better.

4. Interactive Form, Better Experience

With 3D architectural walkthrough, 3D walkthrough companies can use the dynamic interactive way to comprehensively examine the future architecture or urban area. By interaction, the overall effect will be more vivid. The feature of 3D walkthrough animation enables the audience to walk and watch freely in the “building roaming”, bring incomparable sense of reality and scene to the target clients, enable them to get the feeling of being on the scene, so that the clients can have a better understanding of the spatial layout and design.

5. Emotional Connection

3D architectural walkthrough company makes effort to foster more human interaction and connection in the form of storytelling which is realized through 3D photorealistic visualization, great camera composition, as well as the use of music, style and theme. 3D walkthrough animation company asks for more information and walkthrough before production in order to generate hype for its target clients and shareholders. Compared with unemotional content, high value content easily builds an emotional connection with the viewer, which is 28% more likely to be shared online.

6. Increased Conversions

What is the ultimate standard with regard to a marketing campaign? The answer is the conversion rate, which is the key to measure the success of each marketing plan. Based on 3D walkthrough animations, more and more prospects are able to be transformed into leads to ensure presets. Moreover, recent research indicates that 71% of marketers seem to find video content easier to convert, and the industry average conversion rate of websites using video is 4.8%. Therefore, video content is considered to be a crucial part of the marketing strategy.

7. Presentation

3D architectural walkthrough is as a means of showcasing a proposed project, due to its highest form of content. Only by capturing every detail and layout in a true-to-life, engaging, and accurate fashion can they breathe architectural design into life. With the help of intuitive services like 3D animation walkthrough services, you can find that this type of video content has confidence in pleasuring the potential buyer and investors.

8. Accessibility

Prospective buyer prefer to watch a 3D animation online, which is effective to remove barriers and doubt in taking a view of a fully-built space before making an investment. Furthermore, it’s accessible for clients to tour your space online 24/7 if necessary, which will help ensure you’re reaching people all over the world for business.

9. Competitive Edge

How to stand out from an industry full of fierce competition? One of the best things a business can do is looking for its competitive advantage that can set you apart from a crowd of competitors. In terms of 3D walkthrough animation, it’s regarded as the most efficient and appealing content type besides text and images in a marketing strategy. A study shows that videos afford a 53% opportunity to end up on the first page of search engines, which can help to break the new ground on search engines to trump the competitors.




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