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Why use 3D architectural rendering and architectural visualization?

With the advent of computers and digital technology, 3D technology has made significant inroads in all walks of life. Investors cannot get enough of this technology, even though they have access to the benefits from it. In the past decade, more and more industries, especially the real estate industry, have given priority to 3D architectural rendering and architectural […]

How Much Does 3D Animation Cost?

The computer is widely used in the production of animation, which promotes the birth and development of a new form of animation- three-dimensional animation. With the rapid development of computer technology, 3D animation has made inroads into diversified fields such as advertising production, 3D product animation, 3D architectural animation, 3D medical animation, etc., and is […]

3D Architectural Animation- What You Need To Know

In the past, it was impossible to take real-time shooting of the proposed building before it’s completed. Nowadays, with the use of computer virtual digital technology, the 3D animation video is a good expression of the developers’ demands. As a significant means of architectural display, 3D architectural animations carry weight in the production process of architectural performance and film and […]

Influence of 3D Architectural Visualization on Construction Industry

In order to describe the connection between 3D architectural visualization and architecture, it is indispensable for us to have an understanding of the construction process. Firstly, what is for certain, is that 3D visualization in architecture is sketched, imaged and created by 3D artists, architects, and engineers. Then the next thing involved is the approval of the architectural visualization project by the relevant […]

What are the applications of 3D animation service

In terms of computer animation, it’s the process of creating moving images in a digital space that is three-dimensional. In 3D animation, 3D models act like real objects that can move and rotate in the digital environment. And because it is more intuitive than floor plan and can give viewers an immersive feeling, 3D animation has been valued by people and is […]

What is the process of 3D architectural animation?

Reflection and Refraction

A good 3D architectural animation can give investors a good visual effect when inspecting the real estate project, and it can also strengthen construction companies’ competitiveness when they participate in bidding. Furthermore, 3D architectural animation is also of great significance to the project development and city planning. What is the production process of making a 3D architectural animation? I […]

How to Create a Great 3D Architectural Walkthrough?

The era of fast-growing computer technology has derived a plethora of innovative handy tools to give people alternative life experience, especially for the architecture and real estate industry where great changes have taken place. People visiting a yet-to-built or fully-built property through 3D walkthrough animation services becomes a new inevitable trend now and in the future. Meanwhile, 3D […]

3D Rendering and 3D Visualization Service: What is the Difference?

With the rapid advancement in computer technology, 3D rendering and 3D visualization as the new terminology coming into view revolutionize the real estate industry which takes advantage of new technology to alter the way promoting the properties. These innovative technologies of 3D images have been rising in popularity, being used by 3D artists, architects, and designers […]

How Long does 3D Rendering Take?


In today’s digital age, architects worldwide are constantly using this latest technology to present their designs. It’s becoming an integral part of design because it provides countless benefits for modern designers. Not only it is the perfect way to communicate your idea but also allows us to fix the problems before they ever occur in […]

How to Manage the Rendering Process and Create Beautiful CGIs?

How to Manage Rendering Process and Create Beautiful CGIs

3D rendering is rapidly becoming popular in the design industry, and all for good reasons. It becomes the first choice for architects, designers, and real estate developers when present a future project or submit renovation for approval. Computer software generates three-dimensional image is the best way to make ideas come to life. There are many […]