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Questions & Answers

Basic information that we need:
1. 3D models ( 3ds Max, SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, ArchiCAD, etc.) or CAD files including site plan, floor plan and elevation plan).
2. Amount of images and specific views.

Exterior Requirements:
1. Google Map Link.
2. Treatment of terrain and context buildings.
3. Landscaping and background information.
4. Mood reference.

Interior requirements:
★ FF&E list

Additionally, if you only have hand-drawn plans or a rough sketch with several reference images, that’s workable as well.

There is a number of software used for creating images. For each project we will select the most suitable software according to its advantages and specific requirements of the project. In addition, the most commonly used software are 3D Max for modelling, V-ray for exterior renderings and V-ray, Corona or FStorm for interior ones. Premiere or After Effects or Lumion for animation, and obviously Adobe Photoshop for post-production.

We can accept payments either through Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal or Western Union for your convenience. In principle, especially for new clients, 50% prepaid is required at the signature of the formal contract in order to initiate the project, and another 50% right before the final delivery. Once the rendering drafts have been approved in low resolution and the remaining payment has been received, we will output and send over the final images in high resolution.

80% of our clients provide us with 3D models in different format, most of which can’t be used directly. These 3D models have to be converted into 3Ds Max file. However, in this process, workload will increase because of inevitable adjustment and refinement for incompatible issues and stuff. There’s one exception: when 3D models provided can be used directly. For instance, if clients ask for quality improvement for renderings done before and offer original 3Ds Max file, discount can be given accordingly.

Barring uncontrollable factors such as time spent in waiting for feedback, and changes in design, we can finish 2 to 5 renderings in 3 to 5 days, 5 to 8 renderings in 5 to 10 days. Full cooperation and engagement of clients, especially on-time and highly efficient feedback, are needed in the process.

We can provide editable PSD file without extra charge, so that clients can arrange post-work themselves effectively such as changes/adding/deleting of characters, changes of sky, tone adjustment and so on. If you need the 3Ds Max source file with scenes, please put it on the table when communicating with project managers at the very beginning to go through the availability and cost in case misunderstanding arose. (We have included this in the notes of contract)

We can sign an official NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with clients for sure. Other than that, we follow strict standards internally in securing project confidentiality as we encrypt related project information and data on our end. All members have signed the formal confidentiality agreement. Any hostile data leakage or that by accident are firmly restricted.

More questions? Please consult us

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