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The computer is widely used in the production of animation, which promotes the birth and development of a new form of animation- three-dimensional animation. With the rapid development of computer technology, 3D animation has made inroads into diversified fields such as advertising production, 3D product animation, 3D architectural animation, 3D medical animation, etc., and is no longer limited to film and television creation. It’s the perfect way of engaging your prospective clients by presenting information in a clear and photorealistic way. And the growing interest in 3D animation is clearly evident in the number of enterprises choosing 3D animation studios to make 3D animation to promote their products. So how much does 3D animation cost is a problem that enterprises pay more attention to.


If you’ve sent out requests for quotations, we believe that you already received a wide range of 3D animation prices. How to learn if the price equals video’s quality? It’s tricky to answer, not least because it comes with many factors involved that should be taken into consideration. For example, there is a price gap between two videos of the same length, which is subject to the animation style used, the fluency and delicacy of the animation, and the professional level of the artist’s on-site work.

Here we’ve rounded up some key factors that have an impact on 3D animation cost to lay your doubts.


How Much Does 3D Animation Cost?

Generally, the quotation of 3D walkthrough animation is calculated in seconds or minutes, and the unit price per second multiplied by the total time is equal to the total price. Currently, there is no unified charging standard in the 3D animation industry, and the prices varies from 3D animation company to company. Considering comprehensively, the simple video is 200-400 yuan per second, and complex one is 500-1000 yuan per second.

Undoubtedly, the price of any product is related to its quality. As a 3D animation product, it is no exception. It is evaluated based on comprehensive factors such as the complexity of the content, quality requirements, resolution, animation duration, and production cycle.

The resolution of an animation product is a key factor in determining its price. 3D animation products are divided into three levels: standard definition, small HD, and ultra-definition. Each level corresponds to a different price.

3D animation use different techniques. Both of them are related to the number of scenes, models, difficulty of actions, special effects, and so on. The higher the difficulty, the higher the price.

The duration of the 3D animation is also an important factor in determining the price. Under the same quality requirements, the price of relatively short videos is lower. In addition, 3D animation is calculated based on duration. The longer the duration, the shorter the average price.



As referenced beforehand, there are so many factors that can impact the final 3D animation cost. It’s not easy to define clearly and finalize an average cost for your animation project. When it refers to 3D animation price, the above factors involved cannot be ignored. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!




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