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The era of fast-growing computer technology has derived a plethora of innovative handy tools to give people alternative life experience, especially for the architecture and real estate industry where great changes have taken place. People visiting a yet-to-built or fully-built property through 3D walkthrough animation services becomes a new inevitable trend now and in the future. Meanwhile, 3D artist, architect and interior designer present the structure designs in a true-to-life fashion, of what an architecture should look like in the real world. With 3D animation services, clients can make a 3D walkthrough of what kind of building they finally end up living before really stepping into the fully-built one.

Have you ever experienced the 3D architecture walkthrough when investing or being promoted buildings from real estate?

In terms of 3D architectural walkthroughs, also referred to as “3D architectural animations”, it’s a virtual tour to show the process of moving interpretation of a structure’s design. Whether you are on the way purchasing a building, or planning to redesign the existing one, or maybe working as an 3D architect responsible for interior design, using the 3D walkthrough services makes you feel like roaming from one home to another, and moreover, are accurate to the detailed specifications of every part of rooms in the form of digital. That’s the gift of 3D walkthrough.

And how to create a great 3D architectural walkthrough? Here we will demonstrate 4 steps of creating a fabulous 3D walkthrough to implement your vision.

– Outline the Route

Defining the moving path becomes the first concern and step in designing 3D architectural walkthroughs, which can specifically depict what you want to present on the 3D architecture visualization software. To begin with, it is a 2D drawing. In an effort to define the camera, it’s better to move horizontally and vertically at appropriate interval. If you are looking for the maximum convenience to outline the route, it is preferable to begin at a given location and follow a well-defined route with waypoint.

– Define the Camera Settings

Another important characteristic of the 3d walkthrough animation is defining the camera settings. Bear in mind that blurriness is the big problem during the walkthrough, that’s why, it’s important to define the focal length and frame rate clearly. Other than that, we should take into account the time parameter of each frame of which the configuration must be set closely. It’s obvious that precision really matters. Only in this way can the 3D walkthrough animation look realistic and smooth. Otherwise, the 3D walkthrough animation will not be as good quality as expected if the camera configuration is setting incorrectly. The end result is that it is not an ideal and satisfactory walkthrough animation for blowing the clients away.

– Consider the Vertical Movements

It’s a worthy note that to vertical movements, it would be a tricky thing in a 3d walkthrough animation. Here comes the WHY. When it comes to higher floors, vertical movement is a must. The height of vertical movement should be carefully defined accordingly to different height level of the floor. It’s the important element in making a high-quality 3D walkthrough for a high-rise building.

– Integrate and Share

Last but not least, integrating the fantabulous 3D walkthrough animation to share with your clients on the internet is the ultimate aim, especially for the developers in the real estate industry who promote the properties with this incredible service. It brings greater convenience, particularly during the epidemic period. Instead of taking an on-site trip, the potential clients can make a virtual tour to walk through the design and structure via 3D animation and finally determine whether it’s worth the investment.

All in all, with 3D architectural animation services, 3D architectural walkthrough offers the benefits to introduce and display the architectural design in a more realistic way. INFIN, as a 3D architectural walkthrough company, make every effort to create high-quality and affordable 3D architecture animation for every clients. Every project comes out with the satisfactory design and feedback! For more questions, please feel free to contact us!!!



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