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3D architectural visualization services and 3D architectural rendering services have turned the area of architectural design into the new trend for years now. 3D rendering has gradually replaced photography for the features of superior precision, more versatility and photorealism in the field of unbuilt architecture. No matter what a completely visualized design is like, everyone sees the benefits when having access to the services in the marketing campaigns, especially for the marketers. Therefore, there is an increase in the number of architectural 3D visualization and rendering companies, needless to say, 3D product renders and 3D artists have been emerging in large numbers to fit the development of computer technology. The phenomenon of the increasing number of 3D architectural visualization companies also represents the increasing demanding for 3D design projects.

Do you find yourself strolling along online wondering how to look for the 3D product renderer or 3D artist from the best architectural visualization studios for your real estate projects? You’re not alone! It’s the general case that happens to our clients before coming to us! Here we’ve rounded up some tips about how to search for 3D product renderer or 3D artist below.

– The Internet

In modern life, the Internet is powerful enough to bring knowledge together, and not to mention searching for anything. First of all, specifying your needs before searching on the internet is necessary. Then massive information appears when typing a search phrase like rendering firms near me. Therefore, you can filter the information to a few best architectural rendering companies that you are interested in, and leave for the destination to see whether the firms in every aspect will meet your requirements prior to the further discussion of design with 3D artists. What’s more, a search phrase can be changed to any phrase that helps to search for the best architectural renders, such as 3D architectural rendering services.

Bear in mind that a 3D artist you select can make sure to meet deadline as well as guarantee both quality and quantity of the design on the premise of modification. In addition, one point to pay attention to is that there are different payment terms in different firms. Most 3D architectural visualization companies, generally speaking, will ask for payment in advance before making the design projects, while many companies make collections depending on whether the project has been completed and the client is satisfied with the design. Remember that the price is equal to the value of the project itself you’re looking for.

– Recommendations

If there is an interpersonal networking to seek talents, it would be quite useful. Job recommendations from reliable people, such as relatives, colleagues and friends, is a good way of finding 3D artists or product renderer whose technique and style really attracts you. Ask the reliable introducer about the options, and see which one ultimately suits your purpose best. Moreover, with respect to the capability and characteristics of the talent, you can also have a general understanding from your acquaintances.

– Employment agencies

You can take advantage of every job-searching website to seek freelance, part-time or full-time 3D renderer, especially when it comes to game-related industries. However, a “finder” or a “listings” fee is a must. And there are communities working with 3D skills, including gaming communities, game production, as well as interactive media, where you can search for product renderer or 3D artist. Besides, other ways of looking for 3D artists or renderers who is professional in the area that you need are also available online.

– 3D rendering platforms

It cannot be denied that 3D rendering platforms having a huge network of 3D artists provides great convenience to seek the ideal one. According to profiles and portfolios of 3D artist in the platform, you can choose who you want to work with. Other than that, as you may have realized, 3D artist profiles contain a series of basic information from which you will have a rough idea of their style, working experience, ability and expected pay.


Are you looking for a product renderer or 3D artist? Here you don’t need to be entangled with where and how to find product renderers and 3D artists aimlessly. When searching the internet, please keep those tips in mind and it will guide you to find the person you need.




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