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Architectural animation is intended to convey the realism of architecture through 3D images by using 3D technology. People ascribe accurate expression and high simulation to the technical application of 3D architectural animation, especially in the aspects of architectural design. Through the combination of computer and 3D technology, architectural animation can show the construction process when design is still on the draft stage, as well as the “architectural scene” that performs daily activities, by adding people, cars, and trees, and even simulating changes in light throughout the day. Architectural animation can show the actual effects of the uncompleted architecture in real and intuitive views, which gets real estate developers’ preferences.


People will be entangled with how to select a good architectural animation studio. And it can deliver extremely well qualified for 3D architecture visualization. It’s the general case that happens to our clients before coming to us. Then when it comes to selecting the best architectural visualization studios, what factors should be considered?


It’s, first and foremost, to examine the company’s experience, architectural animation price, technical level, team division, and other strengths. It is indispensable to ask whether the company has a complete seasoned technical team to undertake projects. Then it’s necessary to check whether the company has a feasible guarantee mechanism to ensure the completeness of projects on time and with quality that exceeds clients’ expectations. Finally, providing good after-sales services is of also importance.


Next, INFIN will analyze the reference factors to help you to select a qualified architectural animation studio.


1. Production experience

Undoubtedly, experience stands for a reduction in the cost of trial and error. Rich experience in architectural animation production and cooperation experiences with large companies can directly reflect the strength of a company. Besides, you need to know what type of architectural animation the company undertakes. For instance, INFIN, a renowned architectural animation company from China, is responsible for the scope of services including all types of 3D animation: architectural animation, product animation, promotional film shooting, VR production, etc.

2. Architectural animation price

As a rule, the price of architectural animation is based on the following five aspects: the duration of the 3D animation production, the difficulty of produce animation (can also be understood as quality requirements), animation resolution, production cycle, and special effects. We suggest you can ask more architectural animation companies for the price.

Of course, the quality depends on its price. Taking INFIN as an example. Although its 3D visualization solution rivals most of the leading architectural animation studios, INFIN comes at a much more affordable price.

3. Technical level

The overall technical strength of the architectural animation company is the top priority, which will affect the refinement of the design. Usually, the product case can speak for technical strength. As a 3D artist, creativity is the core of constant innovation in architectural animation. A good technical level is the guarantee of the fineness of architectural animation.

4. Team division

The animation production team is generally responsible for pre-planning, modeling, material and lighting, and rendering output. A good architectural animation team must have a pronounced division of labor. Why? Assume that an architectural animation studio has only few animators to undertake projects, the efficiency of animation cannot be assured when meeting the tightest deadline. Let alone the quality of the project.


Above are 4 aspects when choosing an architectural animation studio for your architectural projects. You are welcome to consult INFIN now at for your next exciting project!



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