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For the first project, we'd love to offer something special:
100% REFUND if not satisfied with the result.
There is nothing to lose, so do not hesitate to try us and
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Work process

3D rendering

We keep the cooperation as easy and comfortable as if your project manager and 3D artists were just sitting with you by the same table.

Your supporting files will be requested as explicit as possible and we will create the 3D models and set up multiple viewpoints for you to choose from. Drafts will send through to get approval on the architectural details such as geometries, joints, hardscape, view angle, etc…

There will be 2~3 rounds of back-and-forth until the models and view angles meet your requirements. Please note that major changes in design might generate extra fees according to its specific workload.

After the models and view angles are confirmed, we will start to add unique textures, materials, lighting, landscaping and refine the image with post-work to increase veracity. There will be 3-5 rounds of comments until you are satisfied with the scene final effect.
Please check the images carefully and be as thorough as possible on providing comments, it takes time to revise the image and additional fees might incur for more revisions after sending the final images.

The low-resolution images will be submitted for your final approval. The images shall be good enough to check all the inputs and details that are applied into the rendering. Once the full payment received, we will output the final high-resolution rendering of 4K (interior view) or 5K (exterior view) resolution without watermark.

Work process


Find out elements to streamline the producing of walk-through experiences.

After receiving the project information, in order to develop the concept and better understanding what you try to present on the video, you will be required to provide the storyboard or draw the camera path.

a. Analyze the model or CAD files, etc… other technical details of the project
b. Create 3D models and the environment
c. Set up the scene layout
d. Create supporting details and add elements
e. Determine the number of cameras according to the Animation Sequence provided by clients
f. Set up cameras and angles
g. Create animation rigs and paths for animation script
h. Set the timelines and durations of shots per camera

a. Add the color theme to the surrounding environment, exterior, interior, and associated models

b. Add texture to the environment and 3D models

c. Set up exterior lighting and mood according to client’s requirements

d. Set up interior lighting and mood according to client’s requirements
The material details or any reference will be of great help making the video more realistic.

a. Create raw 3D output data for compositing
b. Add visual effects
c. Create motion graphics
d. Transitions

a. Composite raw 3D data
b. Add background music and background score
c. Add special effects
d. Refine environment
e. Animation
f. Navigation
g. Transitions
h. Editing

The final video with the required resolution. 8-bit/16-bit color. MP4 or MOV format will be sent through upon the full payment settled.

crystal clear

INFIN's pricing

INFIN will guide you right through the entire process, with effective workflows developed to cater to varying scale budgets and deadlines.

Pricing of INFIN is always crystal clear and reasonable towards clients with projects of different sizes and scales. At INFIN, we evaluate the requirements and workload of each project individually and come up with an exclusive proposal for you. The final quotation depends on the complexity, workload, size and scale of the project.


We are pround to work on incredible designs from all over the world

Just contact us, to know us,
and find inspirations together!

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Just contact us, to know us, and find inspirations together!

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