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In terms of computer animation, it’s the process of creating moving images in a digital space that is three-dimensional. In 3D animation, 3D models act like real objects that can move and rotate in the digital environment. And because it is more intuitive than floor plan and can give viewers an immersive feeling, 3D animation has been valued by people and is widely used in industries as diverse as gaming and real estate, and the list continues. Here we’ve rounded up 10 applications of 3D animation services.


1. Architecture

3D walkthrough animation is suitable for projects that have not yet been implemented or still in the design process, so viewers can enjoy excellent results in advance before the project was built. This is reflected in the construction industry.

Architectural walkthrough fastens the decision-making process because it greatly enhances the attractiveness of the building by using many different kinds of effects and showing the building in any perspective view the client want.

2. Urban planning field

Artificial intelligence 3D animation brings some great changes in the field of planning, including but not limited to municipal planning, urban planning, city image display, and other animation productions.

3. Animation production

Whether it’s the complex character models, or complex scenes such as roads, bridges, tunnels, municipalities, residential areas, 3D animation displays them incisively and vividly, not to mention displaying simple geometric models.

4. Landscape

With respect to landscape animation, it transforms the traditional planning scheme from paper to computer. A virtual landscape created by 3D animation is more vivid and true to life. Furthermore, there are lots of data on plant species that are available in the 3D animation, which improves the realness and save a lot of works finding the plan species on landscape design.

5. Product demonstration

For the purpose of product demonstration, one of the effective methods is to use product animation to achieve. Because 3D animation can highly show the product in great details.

6. Simulated animation

It can simulate the evolution of everything through 3D animation.

7. Title Animation

The creative production of title animation can play a role in publicity and display.

8. Advertising animation

Animated ads is a common way in advertising. Some pictures in animated banner ads are purely animated, and some pictures are the combination of real shooting and animation. When faced with some visual effects that cannot be achieved by real shooting, it is necessary to use 3D animation or combinate different advantages of the real shooting and animation for a more attractive effects.

9. 3D animationin the field of film and television

3D animation in the field of film and television involves special effects, pre-shooting, 3D animation, special effects post synthesis, and more.

10. 3D character animation

3D character animation is also known as character 3D animation, through which characters or animals that exist or do not exist in reality can be simulated and created. In 3D character animation, the thoughts and emotions are given to express and interpret the characters. Other than that, the other elements are also taken into consideration during the production, such as body language, shape and facial expression, which should be in line with the characters.


As is stated above, there are ten applications when it comes to 3D animation services. In fact, 3D animation has been widely used in various industries, and will be more and more popular in the coming years. INFIN is a 3D architectural visualization company from China, dedicated to providing excellent 3D animation services to our clients worldwide. If you’re interested in our service, please feel free to contact us.



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