Why 3D Rendering?
Why 3D Rendering?

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What is 3D rendering? Why should people put investment into 3D rendering? These are normal questions that many people ask. This article will list three major aspects that could interpret the reasons why 3D architectural visualization is worthy of investment, by making your ideas flourish.

For almost every industry, marketing is regarded as the fundamental business direction, in which companies can discover potential clients in direct or indirect approach. How can clients see your value and understand what you could create for them? For architectural companies, developers, real estate companies and the like, what they need is more than just an advertising sheet. Splendid and truthful images made by 3D rendering technology are in fact an accelerator of your production concept. After all, when it comes to architecture, clients are mostly focusing on its general impression, and the functions it contains. The design must catch their eyes at the first glance. Therefore, an undeveloped project can be realized in 3D way and clients, investors or house owners can see the outcome in early stages, where designers and related companies can easily change the design to meet their clients’ different expectation. This process won’t require real work in the actual planned area but just ideas processing in 3D rendering. Nevertheless, images will be as decently true as in reality. This way, marketing will be largely benefited by using 3D renderings as part of the advertisement.
In addition, beautiful renderings will also help architects better compete with others in competitions or tenders for some future design and planning, because details can be realized in the images rather than just words on power point, and words are dwarfed by visual impressions.

2.Increase realness
For ambitious designers or architects, they could draw up plenty of lovely and inspiring pictures of architectural designs, interior decoration and other amazing stuff by using sketch-up skills and tools. But they are just paintings, lacking sense of realness and precision. By leveraging latest technology, ideas restricted in CAD files, sketch-ups, black and white drafts could be realized into a photorealistic image, where precise measurement, which refers to the distance, length and width, could be reached by accurate data input. This way of presenting ideas is way better than sheer imaginations and experience. For those who are not professional in outlining or describing their designs, 3D rendering will be much willing to take over the burdens.

3.Perfecting you designs with exquisite lighting and context
Another striking feature about 3D architectural visualization is that it renders the designs with soul. How come? 3D renderings aren’t just images that look authentic. They are a whole bunch of presentation of designs and context. To better serve the subject designs, context like landscaping, sky and mood needs to be applied in an appropriate way that fits the general image. Other than that, different lighting can be inputted as you wished, which erase the troubles of waiting for expected weather to come and taking shots on the architectures or landscaping. Moody, melancholy, happy or crisp lightings can all be applied according to specific requirements. That’s the secret of 3D rendering, as it has soul that sparks and inspires

In conclusion, in 3D rendering, you have complete control over everything ranging from time, lighting, designs to views and landscaping. The above three major aspects of benefits have clearly shown the 3D renderings in today, are worthy of investment and will greatly contribute to your existing or future projects. If you are looking for inspiration into your designs, INFIN visual is here to assist you in visualizing your ideas!

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